The World conference on China Studies took place on November 23-24 in Shanghai

The World conference on China Studies took place on November 23-24 in Shanghai, summoning a gathering of esteemed Sinologists from distinguished universities all over the world.

As a journalist immersed in the diverse tapestry of China's history, culture, and wisdom, the opportunity to attend this conference was an opportunity to know more about China.

This conference served as a vibrant meeting ground for Sinologists from prestigious universities worldwide. Scholars and experts deliberated on the profound notion that unraveling the historical roots of Chinese civilization is fundamental in comprehending its current trajectory and charting a course towards modernization.

Understanding China isn't merely an academic pursuit but a gateway to comprehending diverse cultural paradigms, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and facilitating cooperation on a global scale.

The venue itself encapsulated the fusion of tradition and modernity, nestled amidst the gleaming skyscrapers of Shanghai's financial center. It was an awe-inspiring location that symbolized China's journey – marrying its rich heritage with contemporary aspirations.

Gathering minds from institutions like Oxford, Fudan University, University of British Columbia, National University of Singapore, Istanbul University, the conference fostered an invaluable exchange of ideas, insights, and perspectives.

The central theme revolved around the notion that tracing historical roots enables a deeper comprehension of the present, paving the way for informed pathways to modernization. Understanding cultural heritage emerged as the cornerstone to deciphering contemporary phenomena, a sentiment echoed passionately throughout the forum.

Adrian Năstase, former prime minister of Romania, delivers a speech at the conference.

Rachel Murphy, professor of Chinese Development and Society from University of Oxford, speaks at the conference.

Among the distinguished speakers, luminaries such as Helwig Schmid-Glintzer, the venerable professor emeritus for East Asian Literature and culture from the University of Goettingen, and Rachel Murphy, a revered professor specializing in Chinese Development and Society at Oxford, captivated the audience with their profound insights. Their speeches offered a window into the intricacies of Chinese civilization, unveiling layers of its cultural mosaic, socio-political evolution, and global influence.

RELEASE TIME2023-11-27