Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations (SFSSA) is a non - governmental academic institution aiming at promoting and coordinating researches and popularization in the field of social sciences (including philosophy, the humanities and social sciences). Founded on March 9, 1958, SFSSA is a united organization of social science circles in Shanghai. Its successive presidents were Mr. Chen Wang Dao, Mr. Xia Zheng Nong ,Mr. Luo Zhu Feng and Mr Li Chuwen. They are well-known scholars in China. Its present president is Mr. Wang Zhan, a famous economist.

At present SFSSA is made up of 182 societies ,universities, research institutes , etc. For a long time, by relying on and organizing the experts and scholars of Shanghai and through integrating theory with practice .SFSSA has developed all kinds of academic research work .exchange and popularization, which has made a great contribution to the formulation of relevant government policies and has played an important role in the flourishing and development of social science undertaking. SFSSA is a "think tank" and "brain trust" with a wide variety of disciplines and a galaxy of talents.

The major functions of SFSSA are as follows:
Exerting its efforts to link as a bridge between the vast number of social scientific workers with the municipal government, reflecting aspirations and demands of social science circles, and defending the legitimate rights and interests of social scientific workers; coordinating academic research activities and promoting international academic exchanges: providing consulting service for social sciences and promoting socialization of research achievements of social scientific theories; popularizing social scientific knowledge and achievements in scientific research: editing and publishing academic books, periodicals and other materials: commending and giving awards to outstanding achievements made by societies and society workers in the field of social sciences: being authorized to professionally manage the academic organizations and non -governmental research institutions of social sciences in Shanghai.

SFSSA have established five internal sections as General Office. Management Department. scientific Research Department. Science Popularization Department. Organization and Personnel Department. The publications of SFSSA are 'Academic Monthly", 'Exploration Views".

So far. SFSSA and its affiliated societies have established fairly stable relations in academic exchange with more than 20 universities or research institutions of the humanities or social sciences in such countries as Australia, Austria. Canada. Japan. New Zealand, Poland. Russia. Sweden, the United Stales and the United Kingdom.

  • The Yeaf for Establishment1958
  • President1
  • Vice Presidents25
  • Secretary General1
  • Members of SSSA Congress235
  • Sections5
  • Subsidiaries4
  • Academy Societies182
  • Members of Academy SocietiesOver 100,000
  • Periodicals2
  • Science Popularization Basis17
  • Cooperative ParternersOver 400
  • Floor Areas
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