The 18th (2020) Annual Academic Conference of Shanghai Social Science Associations

The 18th (2020) Annual Academic Conference of Shanghai Social Science Associations was convened at Shanghai Social Science Hall on December 18. More than 100 scholars and officials showed up, including representatives of all member institutions of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, and major social science research institutions based in Shanghai.

Wang Zhan

Wang Zhan from the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, pointed out in his speech that 2021 would witness the start of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and “2035 Long-range Objectives”. Standing at the starting point of China’s new journey of building a modernized socialist country in an all-round way, all social scientists must perform the role of advisors and all related social science institutions should give full play to their think tank roles, in decision-making on major issues. In China’s strenuous effort to improve and modernize governance, social scientists have much to contribute, so as to enable philosophy and social sciences to act as a major engine driving the overall economic and social development of the country.

Quan Heng

Quan Heng, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Dedicated Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, presided over the conference, where he also delivered an important speech. He pointed out that the annual academic conference of Shanghai Social Science Associations, since its initiation in 2003 by Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, has been drawing wide attention and gaining extensive support and has now become an important exchange platform and academic brand in the community of Shanghai social sciences. This year’s conference would be especially remarkable in consideration of the pandemic. All the five “field armies” of social sciences operating in Shanghai were all present, to organize a whole variety of academic exchange activities. Meanwhile, the conference would focus on publishing the latest achievements and the future-oriented research topics in social sciences, and explore innovative academic evaluation systems, thus leading the development of forward-looking, strategic, and cross-disciplinary research in the community of social sciences, and actively promoting the prosperous development of philosophy and social sciences.

Xie Chao, Member of the Leading Party Members’ Group, Dedicated Vice Chairman, and Secretary-General of Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences, announced the lists of winners for Outstanding Organizational Work for the Conference, Excellent Social Science Work, and Excellent Academic Papers. On behalf of the Federation, Xie also released its 2020 Top Ten Recommended Papers. Chen Linhui, another scholar-official of the Federation, released its ten major topics in philosophy and social sciences for research during the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

Feng Jun

Feng Jun, Distinguished Professor from Tongji University, delivered the keynote academic speech. 

In the roundtable session, five experts including Ruan Qing, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wu Xiaoming (Fudan University), Wang Zhen (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences), Lu Ming (Shanghai Jiaotong University), and Wu Guanjun (East China Normal University), participated in deep-going discussions concerning the country’s development during the coming “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

This annual academic conference was hosted by the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations. As a very influential academic platform, the conference organized a whole variety of academic exchange activities, including over ten themed academic symposiums and forums, attended by a great number of renowned scholars and experts. At the same time, an essay solicitation and competition event was organized and a collection of conference proceedings will be published.

RELEASE TIME2021-01-05