Shanghai's 19th Social Science Popularization Week launched

On October 25, the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations hosted the grand inauguration of Shanghai’s 19th Social Science Popularization Week at the China Financial Information Centre. Zhou Huilin, Director of the Publicity Department of Shanghai’s CPC Committee declared the starting of “the week.”

Zhou Huilin

Xu Jiong, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, conferred the plate of “Shanghai Social Science Popularization Demonstration Base” on six new institutions, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Qian Xuesen Library & Museum. The six institutions are this year’s addition to the list of the bases.

Quan Heng, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, delivered the opening speech. Xie Chao, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations presided over the ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, this Science Popularization Week launched its first event: Theme Forum on the 14th Five-Year Plan and Future Development of Shanghai. Zhou Zhenhua, Chairman of Shanghai Economist Association, Liao Changyong, President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Peng Xizhe, Professor of Fudan University, and Yu Xindong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute for Science of Science, discussed the future of Shanghai from the perspective of the 14th Five-Year Plan, including the re-examination and re-planning of Shanghai’s development, the position and orientation of Shanghai in the country’s overall development, and Shanghai’s role as the pacesetter in reform and opening up and as the forerunner of innovative development.

Themed on “Striving for the New Era and Imagining for New Progress,” the Science Popularization Week has attracted hundreds of social institutes in the city. More than 100 wonderful activities for social science popularization were presented, making up a great cultural and intellectual platform for the general public.

The 3rd China International Import Expo (“CIIE”) will be held on November 5 in Shanghai. The Expo serves as a showcase of different products, lifestyles and development concepts of people around the world. The CIIE is also a crucial platform for building a community with a shared future for mankind, and such a community is particularly important in the midst of the current ups and downs of globalization. 

On October 28, the radio program A Dialogue Between Science and Humanities invited Zhang Juan, Director of the Department of International Trade Research of Shanghai Business Development Research Center, Wu Guanjun, Director of the Department of Politics of East China Normal University, Liu Shaowei, Deputy Director of the Food and Pharmacy Regulatory and Research Center of East China University of Science and Technology, and many social science and natural science experts to discuss with the audience the changes brought by CIIE in light of rade, science and technology, industry and human development.

Shanghai’s Social Science Popularization Week is a city-wide platform for mass social science popularization. Since its founding in 2002, the event has been held 18 times, with more than 3000 distinctive, content-rich, well-targeted and influential activities participated in by over 1.6 million people, making itself an annual cultural festival for Shanghai people. 

RELEASE TIME2020-12-01