Zhang Zhaoan suggests 7 new fuels for the Yangtze River Delta Region to accelerate its development

Create a fleet of new “carriers”

Relevant “carriers” should be available for more efficient connection between the domestic and foreign markets. We should not only give full play to the role of the Pudong New Area, Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Integrated Development Demonstration Zone and other important mechanisms, but also fully exploit the function of the Hongqiao International Open Hub as a platform, so as to jointly build a fleet of new “carriers” in the Yangtze River Delta Region for the connection of the two markets. For instance, a series of important exhibitions, including a Yangtze River Delta International Export Expo and some Yangtze River Delta “Belt and Road Initiative” International Trade Expo, may be jointly held by players based in various parts of the Region, so as to enhance its performance and efficiency level in connecting the domestic and international markets.

Organize a batch of new entities

The entities connecting the domestic and international markets are enterprises, and a batch of Yangtze River Delta enterprises that operate region-wide should be established using capital as a link. Specifically, we should make the most of the financial resources of the Yangtze River Delta region and the advantageous position of Shanghai, which is determined to become an International Financial Center, by all means available, such as launching new projects, merging and restructuring, share offering and fundraising, equity investment and cooperation, for launching a Yangtze River Delta Development Bank, a Science and Technology Development Bank, and a Green Development Bank in the Region. In addition, we can also, by means of cooperation, establish several waterport, airport and expressway business conglomerates in the Yangtze River Delta Region to upgrade collaboration and interaction between the existing transport enterprises.

Build a set of new markets

Market integration is vital for the Yangtze River Delta Region to build a new platform connecting the domestic and international markets. Specifically, the whole Region should work together to construct a full set of integrated region-wide markets: financial market, property rights market, technology market, talent market, etc., which is an important driving force for the upgrading of economic levels as well as the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in the Region. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to further improve the integrated market system, gradually unify market regulation, credit management and market supervision, and stimulate the vitality of market entities in the Region, so as to increase its development momentum.

Establish a host of new alliances

All social forces should be encouraged to participate in regional cooperation for industrial synergy and industrial chain growing, strengthening and expanding in the Yangtze River Delta region. Therefore, in addition to the existing Yangtze River Delta Entrepreneurs Union, Yangtze River Delta Automobile Industry Innovation Alliance, Yangtze River Delta Cultural and Tourism Industry Consortium, Yangtze River Delta Digital Union and the cooperation between development zones across the region, we should also promote the alliance of similar industry associations, chambers of commerce, leading enterprises in the industry, etc., in the Region to push for more extensive and win-win cooperation and interaction.

Promote an array of new practices

The region-wide currency of the sci-tech innovation vouchers in the Yangtze River Delta, making possible the cross-province (municipality) financial settlement, is quite a milestone in the construction of the Yangtze River Delta community of sci-tech innovation. This brilliant practice can be introduced in more areas of economic development and public services. For instance, such region-wide vouchers can be adopted in commerce, tourism, culture, education and many other fields, which can help the enterprises and the public to personally experience the benefits of integrated development.

Launch a battery of new initiatives

The Yangtze River Delta Region should promote the region-wide online-offline public service integration and accelerate the construction of a unified public service system. In particular, the region should promote the cross-province (municipality) mutual recognition of various electronic certificates and encourage more procedures to be handled across provinces. At the same time, it is also necessary to actively explore the regional linkage and cooperation of “one network management" in urban governance and social management, highlighting the overall level of urban governance and social management in the Yangtze River Delta Region.

For the construction the “5 new cities” in Shanghai

The construction of the “5 new cities” in Shanghai should be closely connected with the trend of integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta Region. The process of the Yangtze River Delta integration has obviously accelerated, with a number of landmark events. As far as development is concerned, four “corridors” should be jointly built in the Yangtze River Delta Region, namely, G60 Expressway S&T Innovation Valley, G50 Expressway Green Development Corridor, G42 Expressway High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Corridor, and Coastal and Harbor Strategic Emerging Industry Corridor, all of which are highly related to the construction of the “5 new cities” in Shanghai.


(Zhang Zhaoan:Researcher of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)


RELEASE TIME2021-04-06