Shanghai Society of International Relations

Founded in 1957, Shanghai Society of International Relations is one of the first eight member organizations of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations. Its founding president was Jin Zhonghua, and well-known experts in international studies such as Li Chuwen, Chen Qimao, and Yu Xintian successively served as its president. Mr. Yang Jiemian is its incumbent presiding officer.

Over the years, the association has been active in carrying out academic activities focusing respectively on the status quo, history, and theories of international relations, in accordance with requirements for the discipline’s development. It has mobilized and organized Shanghai-based practitioners, scholars and experts engaging in international economy, trade, finance, as well as those in international relations for organized research and discussions. Upholding the principle of academic democracy and the policy of “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend”, the association strives to promote studies on international relations theory, history and realties, develop the discipline, and expand its research force, in service of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. 

Seminar on International Relations Theory in 1987


Seminar on “70 Years of New China's Diplomacy - Great Changes and Major Country Diplomacy” and the 11th “Jin Zhonghua National Research Cup" Award Ceremony and Seminar  in 2019


In 2021, the Association hosted the Seminar on Xi Jinping’s Thought on Diplomacy and Theoretical Innovation of the Chinese Communist Party's Centennial Work in Foreign Affairs


In 2021, the Association hosted the seminar on "Current Situation Characteristics and Development Trends of Major Regions or Domains in the World"


In 2021, the Association hosted the Young and Middle-aged Scholars Forum on "Chinese Communist Party Centennial Diplomatic Theory and Practice" 

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