Shanghai Chinese Language Society

Founded in September 1956, the Shanghai Chinese Language Society is one of “New China’s” most venerable academic societies established in Shanghai. The first president of the Society was Chen Wangdao, a most influential linguist and rhetorician in China. The current president is Hu Fanzhu, a prestigious scholar in the field.

Adhering to the tenet of "Promote norms of Chinese language and enhance the spirit of the city", the society has made pioneering, innovative and pragmatic academic efforts in the field of Chinese linguistics in cooperation with Chinese language professionals and researchers in the city. In retrospect, the society has convened hundreds of academic symposiums and academic exchange meetings in succession, constantly playing a positive role in prospering academics, promoting the development of linguistics and Chinese studies, building a bridge for academic exchanges, promoting China's “language movements”, and realizing the spirit of Shanghai as an internationally influential metropolis.

Since China’s reform and opening up, the Shanghai Chinese Language Society has flourished under the leadership of its presidents, including Luo Zhufeng, Pu Zhizhen, Xu Baohua and You Rujie. The participation of a large number of young scholars has injected a new vitality into the society, which has published eight volumes of Chinese Language Studies Essays, and two Proceedings of the International Seminar on the Wu Dialect in collaboration with the Chinese Language Society of Hong Kong as co-editor. In addition, the society has jointly held three thematic academic seminars with the Chinese Language Society of Hong Kong.

2015 Annual Academic Conference and the 6th Shanghai Youth Linguistics Forum

The 5th Seminar on "Rhetoric of State and Institutional Image" in 2015

Seminar on the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Society in 2016

The 1st National Discourse Ecology Research Summit Forum in 2017

The 4th National Linguistics Core Journal Editors-in-Chief and Young Scholars Dialogue Forum in 2018

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