Shanghai Historical Society

Founded in January 1952,the Shanghai Historical Society was the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Historical Society until 1958. Its first president was Mr. Zhou Gucheng, and its current president is Mr. Zhang Qing.

With a focus on developing new research fields and advocating for new research perspectives, the Shanghai Historical Society attaches importance to issues of important academic value and practical significance. The society holds academic lectures and seminars, compiles reference materials, and disseminates new achievements in historical research to help members obtain new findings and updates. While enhancing the level of historical research and teaching, thus making positive contributions to promoting socialist historical research and theoretical innovation, the society also seeks to popularize historical knowledge and improve the cultural literacy of the country’s socialist citizens.

Members of the Shanghai Historical Society come from historical research and teaching institutions in Shanghai. Anyone who has somewhat show her or his serious interest in historical research can apply for membership. Recently, the society is actively absorbing young historians, cultivating successors, inheriting and carrying forward the traditions of the older generations of historians, pioneering and innovating, promoting the development of historical research, and expanding its influence in the community of historians and the larger society. It is expected to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese historiography and the construction of the country’s socialist modernization in the new era.


Here are a list of the Society’s publications:

In 2002, marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Society, Spirit of History - Top 10 Historians in Shanghai was published.

In 2012, marking the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Society, Impressions of Famous Historians in Shanghai was published.

In 2012, the Society held its 1st Youth Forum of Shanghai Historical Society, which has been successfully held for seven sessions up to now.

The Society holds the council and the member meetings on a regular basis to report work of the Society and exchange academic information.

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