CHINA ON THE MOVE: Foreign reporters on China's creative action against poverty

In tandem with the national commendation conference to mark the country's accomplishments in poverty eradication, the SMG Documentary Center launched its China On The Move—a two-episode (30min each) documentary co-produced by Chinese and English media institutions. This documentary is synchronously broadcast on Dragon TV, DOCU TV Shanghai and the International Channel Shanghai, and available as well on BesTV, an official video platform based in Shanghai.

China On The Move was jointly produced by SMG Documentary Center based in Shanghai, China and Britain's Lion Television. The documentary adopts an international narrative mode for Western audiences to better understand China's innovative and creative action against poverty . It is a bilingual production: the narrators speak English, while China's stories about poverty eradication are told in the Chinese language by the “actors” themselves, the fighters in the poverty eradication front, with both English and Chinese subtitles.

Cameron Andersen and Jenny Cortes Ybanez, both English, are the narrators in the two-episode documentary focusing respectively on China’s poverty eradication program and the rapid economic recovery in the country from the shock of the Covid-19 epidemic. The two reporters made extensive investigations far and wide, covering much of China, from southwestern farms to the coastal cities in the east, and to the sandy northwest. They made field observations and interviews and expounded on how the Chinese government, people and all sectors of the society coped with various challenges and difficulties in the battle against poverty, featuring heroic individuals and significant cases, showcasing Chinese approaches, Chinese models and Chinese wisdom that might prove of important value worldwide.

The documentary has been recognized as one of the Key Documentaries for the “14th Five-Year Plan” (2021-2025) of Chinas National Radio and Television Administration, included on the first list of Shanghai's Major Literary and Art Projects on Building an All-round Prosperous Society to Mark the Centenary of the CPC, and supported by Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation.

RELEASE TIME2021-03-04